Andrew Morton Associates and Newton Flotman Church

Newton Flotman Parochial Church Council is a vibrant organisation containing a mixed range of people in every decade of life. As well as normal church activities, the PCC runs a weekly Coffee Stop (with free cake and coffee!), a social club, youth club and luncheon club.

Following a Parish Development Programme, it committed to opening up its building for wider community use every day of the week to better meet the needs of the village and surrounding area.

Andrew Morton Associates (AMA) is a growing London- and East Anglian-based QS firm, carrying out a wide variety of projects throughout the UK. AMA’s portfolio includes community, commercial, education, faith, conservation and bespoke homes.

Project summary – The PCC wanted to create a village hub meeting space, incorporating a village shop vending machine (to make up for the recent closure of the village shop) at the back of the parish church. You can see more about the project here.

Funding was already in place for the architectural work, so the PCC applied to Norfolk ProHelp for a quantity surveyor to prepare the construction/project costs to enable them to apply for funding and ask individuals to donate to the project.

Impact – The project delivered:

  • A fully costed project to enable the PCC to go to individuals and grant makers to ask for funding towards the work
  • A full review of the specification from a commercial perspective allowing appropriate value engineering judgements without compromising the quality of the project
  • Many people in the village are poor, lonely and isolated. The finished project will provide a place to shop and a place to meet, regardless of background, even when we don’t have a formal events running we hope that people will just drop in
  • On completion the church building will be warm, comfortable and welcoming. The layout will be flexible with moveable pews and chairs.  These improvements will improve the building as venue for lunch clubs, toddler groups, concerts (serving the local Anglia Regional Theatre School); as well as honouring its purpose as a place of worship serving the community though weddings, funerals etc
  • The finished project will significantly address the key issues of sustainability for a village churches. Increasing the use patterns, allowing more people to engage with its heritage and giving it back to the village as community asset

“It was great working with Andrew Morton Associates.  Taking on an ambitious project like this is a daunting prospect and having someone who can take you through the QS side, carefully explaining the assumptions behind the costings and allowing us to review how we go about the project has been invaluable, especially when they have so much experience of similar heritage projects.

Working with Pro-help was so easy.  We really sensed that they understood our excitement about the project.  They put us in contact with Andrew Morton on the same day that we made our enquiry.” Christopher Gaze, Project Manager

“This project is a great example of re-purposing part of an ancient building to meet the needs of the community.  It’s the sort of project we enjoy because we can see the potential benefit to the community from our work.  We wish Chris and his team every success in making this aspiration a reality.” Andrew Morton