Mills & Reeve and Hockwold Playing Field

The Hockwold Playing Field Association has been in existence for about 40 years and is responsible for managing and maintaining the village playing fields, to raise funds and apply for grants to improve the community space. The current committee was formed in 2017 following the resignation of the previous one.

Mills & Reeve is one of the UK’s 50 largest law firms with clients including businesses, high net worth individuals, education bodies and healthcare organisations. The firm has a reputation as a good place to work, having been named in the Sunday Times’ Best 100 Companies To Work For for a record 13 years.  Mills & Reeve is an active member of the communities it is a member of and the Norwich office is delighted to assist small Norfolk charities on a pro bono basis where it can add value.

Project summary – At the time of applying to ProHelp, the new playing field committee was having difficulties as a result of the transition from the previous committee. There were some issues with accessing the bank account and procuring accurate written accounts.

The organisation asked ProHelp for legal advice in helping them to secure the “mothballed” funds in order that they could move forward with their intended programme of refurbishment and improvement. This work was carried out probono by Georgia Wood and Simon Elsegood of Mills & Reeve, the value of which would have been around £1,300 plus VAT.


  • Access to the account meant that the committee will be able to complete an initial small phase of improvements by the end of 2018
  • The committee is now able to carry out its duties of managing the playing field and realise their plans for improvement, including installing some adult fitness equipment
  • The issue was able to be resolved simply and effectively, so avoiding the need for any further involvement of the previous committee
  • The committee can carry out fundraising events to maintain the playing field

“ProHelp gave us, a small committee, the reassurance that we could get the money from the previous committee without a large bill. We would definitely recommend ProHelp to other organisations that need that little bit of extra help.” Tracy Sismey, Hockwold Playing Field

“Georgia and I were delighted to help the new committee access the mothballed funds for the Association.  The project has reinforced the need for charities of whatever size to have a proper constitution and for proper records to be kept.  We hope that Tracy and the new committee can now put the funds to good use in their community.” Simon Elsegood, Mills & Reeve