Naked Marketing and Norfolk Family Carers

Norfolk Family Carers provides practical and emotional support and advice for unpaid carers in Norfolk at all stages of their caring journey. Their vision is of a society where family carers of all ages are fully valued and supported to live healthy and rewarding lives. NFC aims to provide a highly responsive approach that results in reliable and timely information, advice and support. They provide services that are personable and strengths based.

Naked Marketing is a branding, graphic design, web design and marketing agency based a few miles outside Norwich. Their philosophy is: always add more value than you charge.

Project summary

Norfolk Family Carers came to Norfolk ProHelp at a time of significant change for the organisation.  They were facing increasing competition for core funding and a shifting commissioning landscape. The organisation needed to remain relevant for carers and commissioners, and potentially to diversify its services. They needed support in looking at their commercialisation, market analysis and marketing to help determine the way forward. This is where Naked Marketing came in. The project began with an initial scoping workshop followed by a series of exploratory conversations which helped deliver an outline strategy and plan for the business moving forward. The value of the probono work was in the region of £1,750.


The outcomes they were looking for from the marketing support included:

  • The ability to reach a new target market
  • Advice on positioning themselves as the experienced, go-to organisation for supporting carers and their families
  • Transferable skills and techniques to use on future projects
  • Raising the organisation’s profile would mean more carers would be able to receive the support available

“The support we received from ProHelp, and specifically Ben, was two-fold. An encouragement that our proposals and plans were viable and realisable. Secondly, an approach to relationship management that was distinct and that we can confidently say is clearly working for us.” Tim Allard, Executive Manager, Norfolk Family Carers

“It was a challenging task to help an organisation review their business model, customers and commercial aspects of the business. However, the buy-in from the team and the passion they showed to supporting the carers that they work with, made the whole project an enjoyable experience.” Ben Handford, Director, Naked Marketing