Naked Marketing and Your Own Place

Your Own Place is a social enterprise working to prevent youth homelessness. They do this in three key ways:

  • Providing Tenancy & Independent Living Skills (TILS) training in small groups and 1-2-1.
  • Providing Volunteer Tenancy Mentors to support young people in their first tenancy.
  • Providing targeted Employment Support (using the Journeys to Employment Framework) to support young people to overcome their barriers to securing and sustaining paid work.

Naked Marketing is a branding, graphic design, web design and marketing agency based a few miles outside Norwich. Their philosophy is: always add more value than you charge.

Project summary Your Own Place came to Norfolk ProHelp looking for help to design a web app. The organisation had funding from Santander and N4NE to develop an app that brings together young people seeking help with a network of support and donations.  The software development was in hand, but they needed but the development of a landing page and the look and feel of the site. Having helped Your Own Place in the past, Naked Marketing was more than happy to help.

Impact – The project delivered:

  • Enabled young people to reach a social network they wouldn’t normally have access to
  • Provided real and virtual support to young people who need it most
  • Provided a portal through which the community can invest in young people
  • Provided a platform to showcase young people’s aspirations and achievements

“The impact of the support on the development of this project has been huge.  To be able to access the expertise of Naked Marketing through Norfolk ProHelp made all the difference.  We got up and running very quickly and will be able to launch a website that as far as we know is unique in Britain as providing a way of bringing young people and sources of support together”. Rebecca White, Director, Your Own Place

“Naked Marketing were delighted to be approached by Norfolk ProHelp to help Your Own Place design a web app that will help transform the way that individuals and business interact with those who are starting off on their first independent property steps. This is a great idea and the energy committed to the project by Your Own Place meant that Naked Marketing were delighted to play a small part in helping bring this vision to a reality.” Ben Handford, Director, Naked Marketing