NPS Group and the Pandora Project

Pandora Project offers advice, support and information to adults and children affected by domestic abuse, living in Kings Lynn, West Norfolk and Swaffham. Support can be one-to-one or in a group. Abuse can be current or historic. They offer a confidential and non-judgmental support service under the banner “Everyone has the right to live without fear.”

NPS is a national organisation, delivering a comprehensive and flexible range of property services, tailored to meet the needs of public and private sector clients across the UK. The companies within the NPS Group are wholly owned by the public sector, with partner authorities enjoying a share in the companies’ success.

Project summary – Pandora Project came to ProHelp looking for support to write a business plan. The starting point was a face-to-face meeting with senior manager(s) to understand the reasons why Pandora required a business plan and this then helped to confirm what specific objectives the business plan must achieve.

Once the objectives for the business plan were understood, NPS planned and facilitated a strategy development workshop with the team. The workshop had a clear set of agreed deliverables to ensure effective use of time and to get “buy-in”.

Key headings within the workshop identified, crystallized and developed Pandora’s

  • Vision and mission
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Business environment analysis – Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental
  • Strategic Business Objectives
  • Financial and funding current and future needs
  • Business Development Focus
  • Risks

These elements were used by NPS as the basis for the business plan and supporting documentation. Pandora senior managers undertook a final customisation to ensure the business plan was ‘owned’ and met their specific needs.


  • We feel more focused on our future delivery and have a better understanding of our future trajectory
  • Funders will see that we are organised and have clear goals
  • Workers will feel more stable and have a clearer understanding of our objectives

“We have really enjoyed working with NPS/ProHelp, it’s been very productive. Adrian has been amazing and took time to really understand our charity’s needs. Our initial meeting was a lively one which involved the whole team, ensuring everyone had some input into the business plan. We now feel more structured as an organisation and better equipped to approach funders with clear goals and expectations. Many thanks!”. Tracy Mahoney, Service Manager, Pandora Project

“Working with the Pandora team proved to be a very thought-provoking experience.  Hearing of the sorts of issues faced by Pandora clients, really highlighted the need for the support the organisation provides.

Playing a part in creating the future of Pandora by using techniques usually associated within commercial business planning and by providing a structure on which the team created their future vision was immensely satisfying.” Adrian Blakey, Programme Manager, NPS Property Consultants