NPS Group and The Restoration Trust

The Restoration Trust helps people with mental health conditions engage with art, culture and heritage – they call this culture therapy. Their life-enhancing projects are partnerships between arts and heritage organisations and organisations that support people who are marginalised by poor mental health and other factors.

NPS is a national organisation, delivering a comprehensive and flexible range of property services, tailored to meet the needs of public and private sector clients across the UK. The companies within the NPS Group are wholly owned by the public sector, with partner authorities enjoying a share in the companies’ success.

Project Summary – Having completed a Big Lottery and Heritage Lottery Fund resilience diagnostic tool, the organisation was aware of its weakness and wanted to address them. They asked ProHelp particularly for advice in two areas: business planning and fundraising. Adrian Blakey of NPS volunteered to take on the project, agreeing to create a business plan template, advising on the content of the template and incorporating the Director and Board’s input to the plan. He contributed pro bono work to the value of £3,480.


  • A strong business plan will enable the organisation to be better run, apply for core funding and be in a better place to take on major contracts.
  • The plan will help the organisation look at ways to ensure project sustainability
  • The plan will inform the organisation’s case for Heritage Lottery Fund resilience funding for fundraising and marketing strategic advice

“Thanks to Adrian’s clearsighted planning and attention to our mission, we have an excellent business plan to guide our work for the next 3 years. We feel it puts us in a strong position to achieve our core funding objective in a highly competitive climate.

We are grateful to Norfolk Prohelp for supporting our application and to NPS for taking on the task in such a positive, productive and efficient way. It is fantastic for a small ambitious charity like ours to have access to professional expertise of this quality, and we hope to work with Norfolk Prohelp again as we implement our business plan.” Laura Drysdale, Director, The Restoration Trust

“This assignment provided a great opportunity to employ business skills and methodologies and to work with senior people in the Trust in creating the Business Plan, whilst at the same time  providing a set of tools, methodologies and understanding that will be deployed in the future.

Coming to understand the work of The Restoration Trust and their very committed people, provided me a rich learning experience in a very different context from my usual environment.

 An added benefit arose during our risk mitigation work, during which I created a new risk identification, assessment and management template that is very concise and user friendly. I have now started to use this template to replace our previous one.”  Adrian Blakey, Programme Manager, NPS Group