Phase Three Goods and East Anglian Complementary Health

East Anglian Complementary Health is a small voluntary sector organisation that provides free therapy sessions for people who are affected by phobias, anxiety or depression. Sessions are free – participants are just asked to complete a short before and after questionnaire. The results will then be used as evidence for research into the effectiveness of neuroplasticity therapies with a view to gaining NICE approval, which would enable therapies to be available free on a much larger scale.

Phase Three Goods is run by Bruce Sigrist, a freelance web designer who works specifically for small businesses, sole traders and creative start-ups. Services include website development, logo design, content development and SEO advice.

Project summary – East Anglian Complementary Health is a very small organisation, run by a voluntary Chief Executive with support from three trustees and 10 volunteers who work on specific projects. The organisation’s website was dated, not mobile friendly and the volunteer who had previously updated the site was no longer able to do so, meaning content was increasingly out of date. It also needed to show more details of the therapies on offer with the option of linking to video demonstrations. Phase Three Goods provided a complete web redesign, advice on SEO and training on how to update the site. The value of this if charged for would have been £675.

Impact – The project delivered:

  • A website with clean, crisp, legible design with bright, attractive photographs
  • A navigable site structure
  • A mobile-friendly layout
  • A content management system that enables quick and frequent updates
  • Improved SEO will generate more interest in the organisation’s services

“It has been such a huge help for us having Norfolk ProHelp and Bruce’s support with the new website. As a very small organisation, which is run on a voluntary basis, we could not have afforded to pay the going rate for such high quality advice.Reviewing each section has made us aware of how much we have changed in the 10 years since we started and has led us to the decision to focus on what really matters to us, rather than stretching ourselves by doing too many different things. Bruce has been very pleasant to work with and very patient and I will be recommending him to anyone that needs website design advice and support.” Pat Murch, Chief Executive

“Providing design and development on behalf of Norfolk ProHelp has been a joy. Each venture comes from a place of real integrity, and helping them grow has been hugely rewarding. I’m very excited about this project and helping East Anglian Complementary Health make the best of their online and visual identities in 2017.” Bruce Sigrist, Phase Three Goods